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Abstract: There have been widespread assumptions across the globe that Received: 16-12-2017 the root cause of Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria is religious rather than Revised: 08-03-2018 socio-economic. An investigation into this dichotomy allowed this study to Accepted: 30-03-2018 fully demonstrate that the root cause of Boko Haram’s terrorist actions emanates from the non-fulfilment of socio-economic goals that are prompted by the violation of fundamental human rights, corruption, Department of Criminology, poverty, unconstitutional and undemocratic practices in the northern part of University of Kwazulu-Natal, the Nigerian state. To achieve its aim of establishing the root cause of the Durban, South Africa terrorism crisis in the latter country, the study critically appraised the socio-economic context of the insurgency by adopting one-on-one in-depth interviews involving forty (40) participants to interrogate the phenomenon. Empirical evidence from the study demonstrated that the evolution of Boko Haram terrorism was a response to socio-economic phlebotomy, political and moral putrescence and the dehumanization of people that stem from a combination of decades of mismanagement and pervasive corruption by various Nigerian leaders. The study concludes that, as long as the endemic socio-economic problems caused by global capitalism vis-a-vis unequal hegemonic power exchange as expressed in socio-political, ethno-religious and cultural forms persist in the Nigerian society, the terrorism insurgency will recur and remain an inevitable enterprise and indeed a normal social reaction to every undesirable state of affairs. Based on the findings, the study urges the need for the amelioration of the conditions of the vast majority of the Nigerian populace by making socio-economic facilities available to them through the political state.

       Keywords:     Boko      Haram    Terrorism,     Insurgency,        Socio-Economic,

Religious Injunctions

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