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Abstract: The contribution of internet to the development of the nation has been marred by cybercrime activities.  Cybercrime is emerging as a very concrete threat, not only in Nigeria but to the entire world. The hig h level of insecurity on the internet is becoming worrisome so much in the sense that transactions on the web have become a thing of doubt.  Cybercrime is becoming ever more serious and prevalent. The aim of this study is to examine the perception of cyberc rime among Nigerian youths using respondents from Six Universities in Six Nigerian Zones each University representing the  Zone it is located in order to have different responses from different ethnics. We found out people’s reaction to messages  depends mainly on how it is perceived. The results of the perception of cybercrime and its understanding have been analyzed. In view of the in-depth background of the study of the sample, the literature review of related studies, and theories in this field using the appropriate measuring instrument, testing and analyzing the two hypotheses, it has become obvious that cybercrime is being perceived by Nigerian youths. Survey research method was used in which questionnaire was distributed to various respondents in the execution of the study. Majority of the respondents perceive cybercrime among Nigerian youth as very poor which represents 33.6%, 41.4% respondents said that the internet is used as a channel for the perpetration of criminal spamming activities, 38.6% respondents agreed that cybercrime can be curbed in Nigeria,

58.1% respondents claimed that poverty tend to cause people’s involvement in cybercrime,57.2% respondents believed that the federal can curb the continued spread of cybercrime.  Taro Yamane, Chi-square and simple percentages will be used in analyzing data. The first hypothesis which states that the internet is used as a channel for perpetration of criminal spamming activities was statistically supported. The second hypothesis states that the federal government can curb the continued spread of cybercrime among the Nigerian youths and the general public was equally supported.  Last but not the least Cyber laws should be made to govern the country’s cyber space and give the nation’s  adequate cyber security was the recommendation gotten based on the findings.

Keywords:  Perception, Cybercrime, Nigeria, Youths, terrorism, fraud and spam.

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